Environmentally-Conscious Cars Must Include Vegan Interiors

Environmentally-Conscious Cars Must Include Vegan Interiors

Environmentalists are flocking to Tesla Motors for its electric cars, which promise progress in the auto industry toward more Earth-friendly transportation. The use of sustainable energy is certainly one essential component of this shift. However, the materials used in production must also be considered. Tesla cars have been made with leather interior, excluding vegans from its market – until now. PETA, animal rights organization and Tesla shareholder advocated for a vegan interior option in the cars and that’s what they got (Breen, 2016).

Leather production requires the raising and slaughter of cows*. This process involves the clear-cutting of forests for pasture, the use of water, the production and distribution of food for the cows, and the expulsion of many toxic pollutants into the environment. Clear-cutting the forest threatens air quality, increases climate change, and destroys the habitat of thousands of species of plants and animals. Water and food scarcity are global crises, and the natural resources used by the leather industry would be more properly re-allocated to people in need. Pollution threatens water and food sources, as well as ecosystems. Finally, leather means the murder of billions of cows who are born and kept alive for the sole purpose of being killed for the use of their skin, which raises obvious ethical issues (PETA).

In order to truly be environmentally sustainable, a comprehensive shift must be made away from using animals not only in diets, but in all products. Plenty of sustainable alternatives exist that are durable and aesthetically pleasing. This news marks just one more significant change toward a peaceful world!

*Cows constitute the primary source of leather in the United States, but leather is also made from the skin of many other animals (PETA).
Allyse Sonnega is a dedicated yogini, educator, mother, vegan, and overall uplifting human being that provides great service to the world through her peaceful thoughts, words, and actions.


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