Finding a Dream

Finding a Dream

Our first blog post of 2014 is thanks to Mija Speakman.  Mija is a yogini passionate about meditation and sharing the connection of the simple peacefulness that yoga, our breath, and the world brings to everyone.  Now let’s enjoy “Finding a Dream.”

Sometimes in a yoga class, there is a level of seriousness, where students and even teachers lose their imagination, dreams and childlike mind to a series of asana, or a strict discipline set within their own boundaries.     Although having discipline in a yoga practice is good to strengthen the body and mind, it is also important to let go of expectations, feel inspired and turn our dreams into realities!

What are your dreams?

When you think of your inhibitions, your dreams and endless opportunities in the beginning of a yoga class, it sets the mood or intention for our practice.   Also, asking our self or students this questions before class may allow them and us to move more inward.

Moving inward allows us to for a few moments to let go of the daily routine – away from the unhealthy ego and away from the outer world around us.  It may be challenging to quiet the mind as we notice more its wandering when move into that space.   Allowing our dreams and intentions to be the focus creates fewer thoughts to arise.  This is a tool for focusing more so on our practice and less on the chit chat of the mind.

Our minds are a powerful tool, and we create our own reality just by our thoughts!  This is a wonderful way to think about reshaping our lives, and our practice.  If we tell our self thoughts, like “ that pose is not for me,” or “I will never get to that goal, “  It’s true, we probably wont!   Just by switching our mentality, and focusing on our dreams, we come closer to making them come true!   Imagine thinking, breathing, moving, feeling, eating, and practicing asana (postures), all yoga in a way that makes all of your dreams come true!  Now do that.

Ways to Find a Dream…

•Go within and ask:  What is important to me in my life, in my spiritual practice?  What is my purpose?

•Imagine you have a dream jar.  What is it filled with?

•Write down your dreams.

•Asana practitioners:  turn dreams into reality and have it start on the mat with conscious thinking.