In May, we come together as one and in groups to celebrate growth and rebirth. With the change of the seasons, we part with winter’s silence and cessation and awaken to the early midpoint of spring. The greening and animal rebirth of the natural world is by now evident. This also brings a rebirth in the human animal. Spring draws out many emotions, one of which is an appreciation of being alive and living. Spring literally shows us and gives us a burst of life.

I am keenly aware with this season’s possibilities for growth and renewal. Two years ago, in April 2012, I was in a motorcycle accident. I nearly lost my life and suffered tremendous damage to my right leg. I have learned much from the initial trauma and my two years of recovery. One important lesson was about growth.

I could have replayed everything leading up to the accident in my head for something or someone to blame. Instead, I decided to move forward and grow from the experience. What had happened to my leg woke me up and made me re-imagine my life. It reminded me to live. I am better for it. I am stronger and more determined. I am less likely to wait for life to happen to me and more active in the way my life unfolds. Now spring has become a time when I remember my growth and the importance of continued growth.

Traumatic experiences give perspective on what is important. Part of surviving them is apprehending that prompt to change and grow. The amazing thing is that we don’t need to undergo a literal trauma or pain to accomplish this. That is why I share my perspective and seek it out in others. It is why, too, I think of spring as the world coming back from the needful trauma of winter. Spring brings with it the motivation and energy to continue growing. I invite you to bring this growing energy to your yoga practice this month. Maybe you grow a little taller in Mountain Pose or expand you heart a little more in a backbend. Or you ignite a passion by putting into action something you have been aspiring to achieve.

What are you waiting for? Take the opportunity to ride the wave of growth and rebirth that the earth is providing to us right now. Change, grow, expand, bloom.
Caroline Caldwell, World Peace Yoga teacher path with yoga has been one of personal transformation and healing.  After a traumatic motorcycle accident, Caroline sought out yoga to heal and connect spiritually. Her decision to take the path of a yoga teacher was so that she may share the healing potential of yoga with others.