Think you might be interested in being a part of the first Montessori school in the US with a deep focus on cultivating empathy and compassion that serves delicious organic plant-based meals? Are you liking your child to be part of a school that fosters a deeper connection to yoga, mindfulness, and the natural world through sustainability, permaculture, and direct experiences in nature? Know a family with young children who might be? If your interest is piqued enough for more information, please send us an email to learn more about how your children and family may benefit from this authentic Montessori school. You may also connect with one of our founders.

Heärt Montessori is located in Clifton across the street from Burnet Woods, which acts as the school’s playground and connection to the natural world. Throughout the school year students will also visit the Jubilee Animal Sanctuary and Farm in Loveland for certain components of our permaculture curriculum.

268 Ludlow Avenue, 1st floor (currently under renovation)
Cincinnati, OH 45220
connect @


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