Lower Elementary and Beyond

We are enthusiastic to grow and expand our offerings to the below age groups. Please connect by sending an email via the form below to let us know what age group you are most interested in being served.

Lower Elementary Program serves ages six through nine. Building upon the Primary Level curriculum, this program inspires students to become independent thinkers and develop a sense of personal responsibility. Their work frequently involves research, discussion, and project-based learning. The teacher introduces an area of study with a presentation of key information or material and then guides the children in individual or small-groups that explore varied facets of the subject. The spontaneity of exploration sparks the imagination and engages the intellect.

Upper Elementary Program serves ages nine to twelve. Building upon the Lower Elementary curriculum, this program encourages more abstract thinking and relies more heavily on books and other resource material to strengthen critical thinking skills. The look and feel of an Upper Elementary Montessori classroom is designed to foster a positive learning environment and a sense of both independence and interdependence. Students create ownership and share responsibilities. They also understand how to complete work and have the high self-esteem to ask for assistance from a peer or a teacher when necessary. Great emphasis is placed on the study of Math and Science, when exploring a variety of other subjects as well.

Middle School Program serves ages twelve to fourteen. During this time of rapid growth, hormonal changes, and the need for more sleep, it is not productive to attempt to force the adolescent to concentrate solely on intellectual work. This is why in Montessori, what is recommended is Erdkinder, or Earth school, where children live close to nature, eat freshly grown fruits and vegetables, and carry on practical work related to the economics of supplying food, shelter, transportation, and so forth. Intellectual based work and study is also part of the Middle School program and it is guided by the child’s interests and without pressure. Each year culminates in projects and presentations of work by the students to the community to demonstrate their skills.

High School Program serves ages fifteen to eighteen. With the rapid growth of adolescence slowing, a more challenging intellectual schedule is introduced and combined with social work and apprenticeships in the work world. Students continue to enjoy time outdoors, connecting with the natural word and honing their skills in permaculture as well enhance their studies in history, language, literature, the arts, math, and science. Classes are designed to teach students to think critically, to question thoughtfully, and to communicate effectively. The curriculum is designed to develop the whole individual through academics, service, self-expression, spirituality, and leadership. This educational experience assists students to develop a strong sense of worth and personal responsibility. Students are expected to take ownership of their education, and then to take what they’ve learned and make a positive impact on the world.

Stay tuned for more details on these programs and please let us know of your interest by filling out the form below.

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