Caroline Caldwell


Caroline Caldwell is dedicated to compassionate living and, in particular, sharing compassion in education through learning and teaching about the interconnectedness of all life.  Caroline has her Bachelors of Fine Art and her Masters in Art Education from University of Cincinnati – DAAP.  She is a certified pre-K through 12 art teacher.  Caroline has taught high school art and photography for eight years, while exploring her own art and furthering her teaching experience in the realm of yoga. After eight years of high school art teaching, Caroline took a step away from traditional teaching school, in part to ask how are we better serve our children, our teachers, and our communities. Getting to the heart of this, she is inspired by her yoga practice for answers – a focus on compassion and interconnectedness. Heärt Montessori is part of the answer. Caroline is a co-founder of Heärt Montessori, a school she aspires to be a model for learning, teaching, and living. Click here to send an email to Caroline @