Mark Stroud


Chef Mark Stroud is a Culinary Olympic award-winning vegan chef and runs the kitchen at the Heärt Montessori school. He was exposed to professional food preparation early in life having grown up around his Grandmother’s catering business where he, at ten years of age, developed a fond love for hors d’oeuvres and desserts. Mark later went on to open Christos and Drivakis in the 1980’s; a Cincinnati restaurant voted one of the ten best vegetarian restaurants in the country by Vegetarian Times magazine. Chef Stroud participated with a vegan team at the Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt, Germany, where they won a bronze medal.

Mark has great passion for the Montessori method as his mother, Dottie Turner, who passed in November of 2016 was an educator for over thirty years. Dottie was the first teacher of the first Montessori class at the first public Montessori School in the United States. The school was located in the neighborhood of Mount Adams in Cincinnati and was called Children’s House, which eventually became Sands Montessori. Part of Mark’s dedication to and involvement with Heärt Montessori is a way to honor his mother’s legacy.  He is also incredibly passionate about sharing whole food plant-based meals with the kids at the school and making greater steps to world peace.