Nayana Shah

Nayana Shah is a theoretical physicist focused on Condensed Matter Physics. Using the fundamental laws of physics, her research seeks to understand how different phases and properties of matter emerge in a collection of many particles interacting with each other under different conditions. That quest is also to identify the universalities within the diversity. Nayana has been working in the academia since receiving her PhD in physics from Rutgers University and has started and organized several forums and initiatives to build communities and also to increase scientific -enquiry, -awareness and -excitement in the society at large, especially children. After the birth of her daughter she clearly saw the amazing potential in building a thriving community to learn from and nurture the inner wisdom, peace and harmony that children naturally possess and to create an environment in which equanimity, intuition, empathy and compassion go hand-in-hand with intellectual and professional pursuits. This vision led her to be a co-founder of Heart Montessori. She is more generally interested in holistic pedagogy and learning environments that naturally bring out the interconnections and interdisciplinarity at different levels and get to the heart of sustainability.