Incredible Inversions

Incredible Inversions

The yogic lifestyle echoes and vibrates within Lauren Weinstein, awakening her to spread love, peace, light, truth, justice, compassion, ahimsa, and happiness to all beings everywhere.  Enjoy her incredible inversions inspiration.

From the instant I was introduced to inversions, I knew I was in store for something special. Guided by my intuition, there is a magical essence revealed as I flip my body: increasing circulation, positive cell growth and shifting my perspectives. When the world and life seem stressful or chaotic, I invert and turn my world upside down. Here, I use my breath as I delve into a meditative state for a few mOMents. It is incredible to witness my body and mind transform from natural healing modalities, such as yoga practice.

I incorporate headstand (my favorite) and shoulder stand in my personal asana practice. I am currently working on my handstanding. Practice, practice, practice! The words “can’t,” “won’t,” and “shouldn’t,” have zero weight in the practice of yoga.  Each day, I affirm that right now I am limitless and free!

“Regular practice of sirasana (headstand) make healthy pure blood flow through the brain cells. This rejuvenates them so that thinking power increases & thoughts become clearer. The asana is a tonic for people whose brains tire quickly. It ensures a proper blood supply to the pituitary & pineal glands of the brain. Our growth, health, & vitality depend on the proper functioning of these two glads.” ~ Iyengar

A few benefits of inversions include improved balance, increase of blood flow to the brain, slows down heart rate, calming, meditative, strengthens upper body, lifts spirits, counters depression, increases digestive fire, calms the brain and helps relieve stress, opens shoulders, and is a good remedy for sore throats and coughs, as well as improves digestion.

Inversions assist with finding inner peace in the midst of out discord. Connect to the breath, go within, and reveal the true Self.  Safely practice, manifest, and create your incredible inversions!

– Lauren Weinstein