My Favorite Evening Ritual

My Favorite Evening Ritual

When it is time for my daughter Elena to go to bed every evening, she brushes her teeth, kisses her dad good night and then sits with me for meditation.  She is 9 years old and has been meditating regularly for about 5 months now.  She has noticed benefits and has mentioned them to me including feeling a sense of calm, sleeping more deeply and sending healing energy to our cat.

We take turns picking out music and she chooses the length, 2, 3 or 4 minutes. I wanted to start small and let her increase the length when she is ready. We have tried many different positions and techniques. We have sat back to back, lying down next to another and seated with legs crossed. We have concentrated on a single thought, followed our breath and (her idea) dedicated our practice. Her first dedication was to all the endangered animals out there.

She is truly hooked now after seeing the power of intention and focus. Our cat, Jaben came down with a fever a few months ago. She was in the animal hospital with IV fluids for several days. The vet told us that our next step was exploratory surgery or ending her life. Elena was devastated to be apart from her.  During our meditation that evening, she suggested we think about Jaben getting better. We concentrated on a healthy kitty back home for the next four days. My husband and I went to the vet that fourth day and found a responsive, seemingly better cat. I asked them to take her temperature and it was almost normal again! We took her right home and she is underneath me as I type this. We are certain this focus and intention assisted in her recovery.

I love my mediation practice and I am thankful for the peace, clarity and focus that I gain from this practice. I wanted to give my daughter the ability to find this peace, clarity and focus on her own. Meditating with her has become my favorite evening ritual.
Christy is raising her daughter according to yogic values. Her family is vegan and meditates together.  This is Christy’s favorite evening ritual.