Peace House Staff

Anna Ferguson

Anna has been interested in the art of food preparation for many years.  Through spiritual practice and the teachings of yoga philosophy, Anna realized how connected the food we eat and how we relate to other beings affects the environment, our health, the violence we see in the world, and the possibility to achieve peace on this planet. This awareness inspires her to incorporate vegan food preparation and yoga classes together, cultivating an eating and living experience of peace.  Anna is legendary for preparing vegan treats with friends and family around the holidays and for various events.

Kelly Grierson

Kelly is a self-starter and has a passion for cooking and serving others born from several years of touring with the Grateful Dead selling gourmet grilled cheese and veggie burritos. She worked as a pastry chef for 18 years and in 2012 she became vegan. Kelly participated in both the World Peace Diet Facilitator training and World Peace Yoga teacher training, which fueled her inspiration to serve plant-based food. In 2014, Sweet Peace Bakery, a local vegan bakery closed and Kelly stepped up to fill the void and started Peace Street Bakery. She is overjoyed to be providing peaceful sweets to the local Cincinnati community, Peace House Grille, and beyond.

Mark Stroud

Chef Mark Stroud is a Culinary Olympic award-winning vegan chef and co-founder of World Peace Yoga that conducts classes, workshops and runs the kitchen at the Peace House Grille. He was exposed to professional food preparation early in life having grown up around his Grandmother’s catering business where he, at ten years of age, developed a fond love for hors d’oeuvres and desserts. Mark later went on to open Christos and Drivakis in the 1980’s; a Cincinnati restaurant voted one of the ten best vegetarian restaurants in the country by “Vegetarian Times” magazine. Chef Stroud participated with a vegan team at the Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt, Germany, where they won a bronze medal. He is passionate about vegan cooking and making greater steps to world peace.