September Meditation Challenge

September Meditation Challenge

I was first introduced to the practice of meditation several years ago, and I am happy to say that I no longer find it completely overwhelming to sit still and be quiet for five minutes. Sometimes I even desire more time to sit. I have learned about the benefits of meditation from simply calming down, to healing the body, to minimizing physical pain, to releasing emotions, to alleviating stress and/or anxiety and/or depression, to getting clarity on something, to connecting with the Divine or authentic self, etc. etc. etc. I am certain that meditation assists us in many ways, and has no negative side effects. Whenever I take the time, I am glad I did.

Mostly, I am sporadic in my practice. For some reason, I seem to require “a little help from my friends.” So in 2015, I created this private Facebook group called Meditation Reminder/Support Group. The idea is simple. Every day, we post when we complete five minute meditation practice. Those posts pop up through Facebook notifications, reminding each member to do it. Just do it! It worked great for awhile back in 2015, and I think some members either got so consistent with their meditation that the group was not necessary and stopped posting or (the most likely scenario) they did not become consistent, so they stopped posting. Or, perhaps it’s possible that everyone just got tired of posting! Whatever the case, it is all good. No judgement!

I personally am liking a new challenge to get back on track with the goal of having a consistent meditation practice. The Meditation Reminder Support Group is back with a September 2017 Challenge! This is a beautiful and growing online community where we are able to lift each other up. I am thankful there is something outside of myself that will assisting me in becoming the next best version of my most authentic self. Maybe it will assist you too.

September Meditation Challenge // Five Minutes Once a Day

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Here are three simple steps to get started:

  1. Find a comfortable seat, on the floor or in a chair, ideally with the spine upright.
  2. Sit still and quiet in that seat.
  3. Focus your mind on one thing (the natural rhythm of your breath, an affirmation, the repetition of a mantra, etc.)

The challenge is to practice this every day for five minutes during the month of September. You may join the Meditation Reminder/Support Group and post something as simple as, “done, 5-minutes,” to assist with encouraging others to get their five minutes in. You may also follow World Peace Yoga on Facebook and Instagram to receive meditation inspiration during the month of September.

Mindy Wise is a teacher at World Peace Yoga. She believes the physical and spiritual practice assist her to stay grounded and be more patient. Lessons learned on the mat assist her with living with increased awareness and conscious breathing through life’s challenges. Her favorite mantra is “Peace begins with me.”