Stepping it Up with Stic & Afya

Stepping it Up with Stic & Afya

Khnum “Stic” Ibomu (of dead prez) is a world-renowned motivational hip-hop artist-activist, songwriter, producer and author. He created a new genre of hardcore hip-hop music with motivational lyrics for authentic healthy living called “fit hop”. Stic is a long distance runner, certified running coach (RRCA), meditator, student of the martial arts, entrepreneur and columnist for national publications including Origin and Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine.

Afya Ibomu, B.S., CHHC is a Holistic Nutritionist that has been successfully living a plant based lifestyle for over 25 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and is Certified in Holistic Health Counseling. Afya is a best selling author, educator, yogi, entrepreneur, organic gardener, meditator, mother and a nutrition counselor for fitness competitors. Afya excels at creating and teaching how to prepare soulful and internationally inspired, plant based cuisine.

Stic and Afya have been instrumental in the vegan hip hop movement of health, spirituality, and peace. From the article Check Yourself Before Your Wreck Yourself: How Hip Hop Went Vegan, Stic Man, from the group Dead Prez, describes his transition in grisly terms: “I was surviving on smoke, bourbon, and hot dogs and then I was diagnosed with gout,” he says. His wife, a vegan chef, encouraged him to realign his diet—a move he says has paid dividends and set him on a course of spiritual enlightenment. Now Stic tends to his community garden and lights up his Instagram account with pics of garam masala veggie burgers, coconut kale, and tomato wraps.

Stic and Afya, as a result of their dedication to health, awakening, and peace for all beings, co-created YOJO Culture. They share that YOJO Guide to the Good Life, consists of:

  • Natural Health & Fitness
  • Self Development / Emotional Wellness /Learning
  • Helping Others / Community Activism
  • Resourcefulness / Financial Management
  • Fun & Enjoyment
  • Loving Relationships
  • Career & Purpose
  • Spirituality / Interconnectedness

This dream team practices what they teach and a testament to their helping others and community activism is their endorsement of the World Peace at Tipping Point campaign. Please check out this video, share it widely and assist us with spreading peace through expanding our peace projects.

Click here for more details about: World Peace at Tipping Point and how you are able to bring our projects to fruition! Click here to join the virtual Facebook event. And, please share this link and use the hashtag #worldpeacediet when sharing with others.