Sucked In, Run Out

Sucked In, Run Out

I woke up around six this morning and automatically opened the Facebook app on my phone. I looked to see what new post might have come out, which friends were still fighting over recent events, and to soak up more shocking news headlines. I was sucked in. This is what I have been doing when I first wake up for weeks now, months if I am being honest with myself. This morning, after launching the app, I tried to remember what I used to do with this time in the morning. My body told me, “you used to run around the neighborhood followed by a short asana practice that ended with a seated meditation.” My body was longing to move. I felt it in my muscles and bones. My cluttered, heavy, and full mind was asking for meditation. I tried to remember the last time I meditated, sadly I was not able to recall. My practice was so strong before…I jumped out of bed, put on running clothes, and left before social media got the best of me.

Ah, running! Why did I wait so long? I find that putting one foot in front of the other in combination with my breath is an active form of meditation. It is the perfect primer for asana and a seated meditation. When I run I am able to fully concentrate on the present moment. I feel connected to the trees, plants, and little creatures I encounter along the way. I smiled happily as I propelled my own body forward.

Once my body was warm and my head clear, I headed home. I began to think of a theme for my asana and mediation practice. I decided on acceptance and love. It is okay that I let my practice slip. It is okay that I got wrapped up reading headlines, opinions, and arguments. This is a strange time. As I moved through a series of poses, I inhaled acceptance and exhaled love.

Settling in to let go of this practice, I felt joyful during meditation. I remembered how meditation practice makes me feel and why I share it with others.

I am now dedicating myself to looking at Facebook, Instagram, and news sites less while simultaneously returning to my running shoes, yoga mat, and meditation cushion. 

I’m certain the peace, calm, and balance attained by this mindful practice is able to be applied immediately, making a more profound impact on myself and how I interact with the the world around me in a more kind, compassionate, and authentic way.  It also assists me with processing current events, discussing the state of our world, and respectfully voicing my opinion with greater clarity.

What are you able to dedicate yourself to today that creates uplifting change in your life while making ripples in our world?

Christy Read began a regular meditation practice in college and shortly after took her first yoga asana class. She was surprised to experience how similar and complementary asana was to meditation. She currently teaches both asana and meditation in her prenatal yoga classes at World Peace Yoga.