This is Compost!

This is Compost!

Imagine a kinder world—a world that is free of violence and greed, a world that is free of poverty, homelessness, hunger, and war. Imagine a sustainable world where people treat each other and all beings with empathy and compassion, and everyone is able to live a healthy, purposeful and fulfilling life. This is the kind of world envisioned at Heärt Montessori and the children are creating this reality.

Magen Hollbrook, mother of 3-year old Aribelle gives a little glimpse into how the school is impacting their family’s home life.

Aribelle loves Heärt Montessori and is learning so much. I find that she often reenacts the things she does at school. Just recently, she made a pile of toys and paper and told me very matter of factly, “This is compost. I’m making compost.”

Everyday the children are served a delicious plant-based snack and lunch. Banana and orange peels, apple cores, as well as other food scraps and paper are saved in a stainless steel bowl and are composted in the garden where they children learn how to grow fruits and vegetables.  It’s beautiful to see the children taking this home.  And this is not the only thing 3-year old Aribelle has taken home.  Her mother also shared:

Aribelle has also learned some great self-soothing skills and now whenever she gets upset at home, she will tell me that she is going to take a deep breath and reminds the rest of the family to do the same. It still shocks me when she’s able to compose herself in that way.

Children at Heärt Montessori learn lessons in mindfulness and breathing techniques for calming down as well as practice yoga poses.  And they are taking their yoga practice off the mat to create a kinder, gentler, more peaceful word.  What a gift.

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