What did they say?

What did they say?

You decide to check out this yoga thing–one thing leads to another, and boom, you’re addicted, but in a good way.  You’re addicted to the peace, calm, and stress relief a yoga practice brings to your life. You’re addicted to self-care, self-love, and self-acceptance.  You’re so addicted that yoga teacher training may have crossed your mind–perhaps as a way to deepen your yoga practice or who knows, maybe even teach.  There are a myriad of reasons one may participate in our Yoga Teacher Training or Personal Spiritual Growth programs other than becoming a yoga teacher. A spiritual training may acutely deepen or awaken one’s spiritual practice, enhance a chosen career path, or inspire to intuitively discover one’s passion and purpose in life; or by applying the practices of yoga to enrich any endeavor one may choose. The community and bonding of the group may be described as uniquely delicious and infinitely joyful. Simply put, “it is a once in a life time experience.”

But what did they say?  You know, the people that went through one of our various programs.  Here’s the scoop…

“This program was truly a life changing year for me! I’m 50!  World Peace Yoga is a community centered studio reaching out to people of all walks of life! A truly amazing life changing, life affirming experience with excellent guidance and instruction from some of the cities most gifted instructors.  Highly recommend this program!” –Kara Paul

“Yoga teacher training helped me find happiness and discover my voice. The program is thorough and goes above and beyond preparing students to teach yoga by offering unique opportunities to learn from a variety of inspirational teachers. I learned how to practice yoga in all that I do and developed a deep appreciation for the Universe and all beings. Whether you are exploring personal spiritual growth or intend to teach yoga, World Peace Yoga is a supportive community to encourage your journey of growth.” –Amanda Ankenbauer

“The World Peace Yoga Foundational Teacher Training Program was absolutely life changing for me.  I signed up for the program with the sole intention of bringing more yoga into my life; I got that and so very much more.  I learned anatomy, asana, philosophy, plant-based cooking and a host of technical information to enhance my personal yoga practice and teaching skills. The people I encountered throughout the journey – from my fellow trainees, to the instructors, to the studio founder – were supportive, thoughtful, and uplifting.  I also found that we shared many of the same goals – spreading peace, compassion, and kindness – and I am a better person for having worked with them. I will forever be grateful for this experience.” –Danielle Craig

“Yoga Teacher Training for me was an experience that expanded my understanding of the art of yoga more than 1000 asana classes could have. During that year I connected with my self in a whole new way through my breath, body and mind. While connecting with other like minded beings from our community and sharing huge amounts of laughter as well as some tears, delicious and healthy foods, and together we shared ideas for how to create and experience our ideal reality’s. I loved that we learned extremely useful life lessons that I didn’t realize would be a part of the yoga journey. World Peace Yoga is a very unique studio with teachers and community like none I have experienced this far.” –Marni Kreucher

“Over the year I spent in teacher training at World Peace Yoga I not only became prepared to teach a balanced, educated yoga class, but grew my personal practice. This training explored all aspects of yoga and gave me a well-rounded view of what to expect as a teacher. Anna, Lori and all the teachers helping facilitate the training provided valuable insight in a warm, knowledgeable way and are always so encouraging and inspiring along the way!” –Sara Dauwe

“I am a member of the October 2017 graduating class from World Peace Yoga! Looking back to last fall, I am not sure I understood just how transformative my yoga teacher training experience was going to be. The environment at World Peace Yoga was always warm and welcoming, and I felt fully supported by my teachers, mentors, and peers. I quickly forged friendships with the fellow yogis and felt right at home. The course work was in-depth and thorough helping me feel prepared to take my teaching to the next level. The program not only elevated my knowledge of yoga and my teaching abilities, but it provided a path for deepening my spirituality. I highly recommend the teacher training course at World Peace, and I look forward to continuing my education there.” –Amy Reese

“The Advanced Teacher Training Program at World Peace Yoga was a dynamic program that provided an opportunity to become a more knowledgeable, well-rounded and confident yoga instructor. I attended workshops on trauma yoga, yoga nidra, yoga as a business, anatomy, public speaking and the positive impact of plant-based eating, all of which provided a wealth of knowledge. I had the opportunity to practice and learn from renowned yoga practitioners including Doug Swenson and Julie Kirkpatrick and from all the incredible people that attended teacher training with me. The training creates a beautifully supportive space to learn, grow, practice, question and reveal inner strengths and abilities.” –Lexi Sheets

“I first chose to begin teacher training at World Peace Yoga because of the compassionate, dedicated teachers and the deep philosophical background. Each teacher training weekend was profoundly transformational. I made lasting friendships, challenged myself physically and mentally, and faced my fears. I used to keep others emotionally at a distance, however, this program helped me open up, be authentic, and connect with others. All of the yoga practices, readings, and coaching shaped me into a better person and, ultimately, a yoga teacher. Watching each of instructors teach uniquely from the soul will forever be with me. Yoga has already been an amazing journey thus far. I am ecstatic to start another chapter in my yoga journey and start teaching others!!!” –Rachel Wasson

When I embarked upon my yogic journey, I had no idea where the path would lead.  Somehow, it led me to World Peace Yoga.  After completing my 300-hour Foundation Yoga Teacher Training at World Peace Yoga, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I did the Advanced training.  Not only did WPY ATT enhance my understanding of yogic philosophy and refine my skills as an asana teacher; the training also encouraged me to connect with my intuition in an unparalleled way.  Being amongst this community of peacemakers naturally cultivates peace within.  Throughout my ATT year, I was so inspired by my teachers and my fellow peers because we were allowed to pursue our interests through the independent studies.  We were provided with various opportunities to do research and then present to our peers and the public.  We were also challenged to incorporate themes and take our teaching to a higher, more spiritual, creative level.  These experiences have made me a more confident, knowledgeable teacher, and I am so proud to share my credential as a graduate of the Advanced Teacher Training at World Peace Yoga.” –Brett Hornberger

“Yoga Teacher Training at World Peace Yoga deepened my personal practice in ways that were surprising and beautiful.  It continues to resonate with me- enriching my spiritual journey every day.” –Amy Lynch

“World Peace Yoga teacher training inspired me to find (and be) the best version of myself regardless of what is going on around me. Moving to a new city just weeks after the training concluded, I couldn’t be more thankful for the inspiration, guidance and grounding I felt while at World Peace. More than anything, the training pushes you to think of yoga in the most holistic of ways, making it nearly impossible to walk away without your life being greatly altered – and for the better.” –Jacqueline Hull

“Signing up to become a yoga instructor at World Peace Yoga was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Upon entering the studio, I immediately knew that this was a place of healing.  World Peace Yoga  has its priorities right. It cares about people! It does not care about yoga clothes, or accessories–it cares about people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and orientation.  Again, it cares about healing people by giving them the gift of a yogic lifestyle.  I started off doing yoga there on their freedom month of yoga. Instead of charging exorbitant amounts, or conning people into joining, they give people a whole free month of yoga which inspires people that want it to build a practice.  Current protocol says “get the client in, strong-arm them to join, and don’t care about them after.  This studio says, come a month for free and see if it is for you.  If not, then go find something else, and if so come and practice some yoga, meditation, pregnancy yoga, or just relaxation yoga.  I adore this studio. After my free month, I decided, I too wanted to make a difference by teaching the world about yoga, meditation, breathing, and relaxation. The teachers care about your mind, body, and spirit by offering us monthly sessions with experienced and centered instructors.   It has been and continues to be worthwhile, meaningful, and life changing.” –Erin Wise

“it is life-changing…a deep journey to yourSELF. enjoy it, breathe through it, and if you feel like no one understands…check in with someone who has been through tt, we understand. much love on your journey <3 OM SHANTI <3” –Angie Watson

“I am so grateful that I decided to take the Yoga Teacher Training at WPY. This training is a holistic program that explores much more than asana (yoga postures). We studied yogic philosophy, practiced breathing and meditation techniques and prepared some of the best tasting meals I have ever enjoyed, all of which were made compassionately.  We are leaving this training with a solid foundation to go into the world as yoga teachers who not only teach yoga but also live yoga. I didn’t realize that I would learn about so much about myself and grow personally during this process. I am a different person now that training is over.  I didn’t realize that I would positively impact the world around me by inspiring others to deepen their meditation practice or remove violence out of their diet. Lastly, I didn’t realize that I would meet so many inspiring, compassionate people in the WPY community that I consider family now. What amazing, unexpected benefits!” –Christy Read

“I began teacher training at WPY at a time in my life I was working through some personal issues and felt that the WPY program would allow me to heal and become centered again. I began teacher training only wanting to deepen my own practice and spirituality. However, as I went through the program, my thoughts changed to wanting to share this incredible gift with others. The journey I have gone through was emotional at times because I was healing from my personal “wounds” but it is a journey I am absolutely grateful for. <3  I know my journey will always continue and I’m excited to see where it leads me. I am forever grateful for the love, peace, harmony and joy WPY has given me. Namaste.” –Diane Fox

“I was very hesitant to join the teacher training because I was in the third year of my design business and I knew I needed to focus and work hard to keep that afloat. Something told me it was also time to go into the TT because if I was building my business culture, I should also be integrating my spiritual and physical practice before forming any more hard-working, bad habits. I shared my reservations with Mark, Anna, and Lori and got a reassurance that they would be understand and help if I needed it along the way. In the last year of training, I did have moments where I needed to put on the breaks and reach out, and that has made the entire process possible. It has been a beautiful feeling to begin to notice and be a part of a healthy community of like minded people. I got more out of being a part of the group than I thought, and that was a nice treat even though I found it challenging at times. Some great things I notice about myself from the training so far is that I am nicer to others, more kind to my body, I have more tools to handle stress, my meditation and yoga practice has evolved, I have made new friends who share the desire to be healthy and happy, and I don’t kill bugs any more. Not to mention I am very impressed by all the World Peace teachers that embody what they teach. I know there are other programs out there, and I feel like I have the best one right in my own back yard. After stepping into the studio and feeling the peace, I signed up almost on a whim and it was the right choice. –Michelle Andersen

“My life completely changed the moment I set foot into World Peace Yoga—I became a more peaceful, balanced, loving and compassionate person. I did not realize that those qualities could become more deeply and fully entrenched into my life until I started teacher training. Through teacher training, I not only learned how to prepare, assist and teach a yoga class, but I also learned how to tap into my intuitive Self. As a result, I now live my life by making decisions and choices that cause the least amount of harm to myself and others. I am eternally grateful to Anna and Mark for this experience and for helping me discover my true purpose. I encourage everyone who is interested in finding peace, balance, love and compassion to consider yoga teacher training at World Peace Yoga.” –Kristen Kraemer

“I’ll tell you what I love about teacher training at World Peace Yoga:  it opened me up to experience another level of my own life.  It’s almost as if I was pregnant with a vibrant life, a vital part of my own life, that I didn’t know existed until I went through teacher training.  The year long process of studying seemingly unrelated topics (how does what you eat relate to how you practice headstand?) allowed for this deeply internal experience of understanding the facets of compassion.  Learning to practice the yogic teachings of compassion has given birth to an everyday feeling of wholeness, gratitude, and peace that has enhanced my daily life in ways that I am regularly amazed by.  I am still working on this practice and look forward to seeing the benefits that my improvements will allow for me and more importantly how my improvements may benefit the world.  Namaste!” –Dara Pultorak O’Loughlin

“Yoga Teacher Training at World Peace yoga is THE best gift I have ever given myself.  I was a stay at home mom supporting a husband running a small business.  I had some experience doing pilates videos and a handful of yoga classes. So I was not really sure what I would do with the training but I knew I loved to ‘stretch’ on my yoga mat at home and that I needed something that was just for me.  I was also trying to learn to cook vegan and had no idea how.  My husband and I were fervently reading and studying up on mindfulness and meditation to try and find some peace and balance in our stressed out lives.  It was summer and and an email came from World Peace Yoga that teacher training was beginning in August. Done.  In my training I found not only guidance for my meditation practice, vegan cooking, asana practice, breathing techniques, etc. But I was also made aware of this beautiful community of people in Cincinnati.  People on the path of understanding the awareness of ego, acceptance of this human journey, and the recognition that we are all divine beings.  I can’t emphasize enough or put into words the value of this experience. It has profoundly changed my life.  Teacher training at World Peace Yoga has been transformative, liberating, and has changed the way I relate to the challenges in my life.  I recommend it without reservation.” –Lisa DeSonia

“I am humbly grateful for World Peace Yoga Teacher Training and it’s community.  Throughout this year long training, I have embarked on a life long journey of incorporating all aspects of yoga in my life and have discovered and reconnected with my true nature, roots and path in life.  I am so grateful to my teachers at WPY for their wisdom,  presence and guidance!  I am so excited and passionate to teach and share yoga with others and within my community.” –Kimberly Thomas

My yoga teacher training experience with World Peace Yoga was extremely educational and enjoyable. I especially appreciated the sense of community that was built with fellow teacher trainees and other people involved with the studio. Finally, I felt very well-prepared by the comprehensive instruction in how to teach yoga asana. –Allyse Sonnega

“I started Teacher’s Training at World Peace to deepen my spiritual life and to learn more about Yoga. Though this training I not only have gotten a deeper look at many levels and aspects of spirituality, I have learned the many levels of living and practicing yoga on a daily basis. I feel the wholeness of life and I am also feeling the wholeness of self in each being. The style of teaching allowed each of us to connect as a group in a very dynamic way. I have made some wonderful friendships and have such gratitude to World Peace Yoga for creating a space that feels like Home.” –Phyllis Stuart

“The teacher training experience through World Peace Yoga changed my life. I found peace in the pose and peace in my life. Anna skills and competencies are beyond description, she is an amazing teacher, guru, and friend.” –Debra Stewart

“I really hadn’t considered yoga teacher training until I took a yoga class at World Peace Yoga.  In that first class, I felt like I was home.  I took the training because I wanted to fully immerse myself in yoga – all aspects of yoga.  The training does that, and so much more.  I am so thankful for the knowledge I received, the amazing guest teachers I was fortunate enough to meet and for the friends I made along the way!” –Leah Griffith

“I dedicated myself to this year-long training because of my desire to increase my knowledge of the details of a Yoga practice. I also wanted to be a part of a group of individuals who shared my passion for Yoga. After my first weekend of training, I realized that I was part of a group of the most accepting, energetic, and joyful people I’d ever met. This comprehensive program taught me much more than the physical details of Yoga. It taught me to embrace and honor ALL of life. My life is fuller now. I am able to reach out to those in need without holding back. I understand now where I’ve been, and where I’m going.   With much gratitude.” –Ellen McGrath

“My teacher training was truly impact full. Being a year long, it allowed for deep assimilation of yoga teaching. One of my favorite aspects of this training is the variety of teachers involved in the training. It is an opportunity to experience different styles and backgrounds all leading to union or yoga. Another powerful learning aspect was observing the genuine transformation in my fellow trainees. Every person involved in the training was moved to improve their lives in one way or another. I feel I have left with real tools to apply in my daily life that make life more peaceful and joyful. It has deepened my spiritual awareness and improved my connection to the people around me. Namaste to all seekers of truth.” –Jacob Thompson

“The World Peace Yoga teacher training is not only vigorous physically and uplifting spiritually, but it is unique for the root of yoga philosophy is integrated throughout the training. I first began the teacher training in order to incorporate yoga into my future career as a Montessori teacher; yet my teacher training experience through World Peace was truly inspirational in every aspect of my life. I learned how to be playful yet self disciplined.” –Nikki Flannery

“I decided to enroll in the Yoga Teacher Training class at a crossroads in my life. I had moved to Cincinnati the year prior and had just given birth to my son 5 weeks before the training started. I knew few people in town and felt a bit disconnected focusing almost solely on my pregnancy.   I was of course concerned about how I was going to manage teacher training both mentally and physically with a newborn at home. I was overjoyed to discover that my teacher training journey was a perfect complement to motherhood as well as an introduction to a beautiful new community.   During the training I grew emotionally and spiritually as well as stronger physically. The weekends at World Peace together with my fellow yogis were rejuvenating and helped me bring my yoga practice home. I believe my YTT was a gift and it inspired me to be a better person, getting closer to the person I want to be. I couldn’t think of a greater gift in turn that I could give to my new and growing family.” –Rachel Gelly

“I had a long list of reasons why I should put off yoga teacher training until next year including: I will have more time; I will have more money; and I need to be further along in my own practice before I can teach. I am so grateful that I did not listen to that whiny part of myself. This year has been amazingly impactful, positive and inspiring. The breadth and depth of the learning experience is phenomenal and from the first day of class I have been rejoicing in the decision to go ahead and participate in this training. Among the many ways my life has been enhanced during the past eleven months, I treasure and cherish the bonds forged with the other yogis on this journey with me. To all those who are hesitantly considering signing up, I highly recommend throwing out the excuses and following your heart.” –Betsi Heithaus

“I originally decided to take the yoga teacher training not because I wanted to teach yoga, but rather because I wanted to incorporate it into my acupuncture practice. I saw from my own personal experience how therapeutic yoga could be and I found I was often making suggestions to patients. What I discovered was that the training became so much more.  I found Anna to be inspirational and encouraging of my growth in the practice without being critical or judgmental. She was always accommodating and flexible. She was a model for how to put the practice into everyday life without being pretentious or unapproachable. Anna is always upbeat and yet sensitive to where I was emotionally. She was so thorough and intuitive in her yoga classes that I often felt she was psychic. It seems impossible for one person to be and do all Anna has accomplished and at what seems to me, at my age, to be so young, yet she makes all she does seem so simple, natural and easy. She truly embodies all that she believes and teaches in such a way that her lessons seem to just fall off of her effortlessly. It has been a great privilege to be in her classes. One of the most lasting and important things I gained from yoga teacher training was the network of new friends and colleagues in my quest to make the world a better place. The support and encouragement I found and the nurturing environment of the classes was so fertile and lush I could not help but flourish there. I would recommend this program to anyone who wishes to deepen their own practice, teach or share yoga with others either as a yoga class instructor or any other way one may wish to incorporate this valuable training.” –Donna Lynne Strong Brott

“Before beginning the teacher training program I expected to learn about yoga; I was pleasantly surprised to find that I not only learned about yoga but also about myself. I changed how I looked at myself and others and how to live my life in a more positive way. I would recommend this program to anyone who is open to begin discovering themselves through yoga.” –Jodi Birkofer

“This teacher training was one of the best experiences in my life. I knew that I loved yoga and how it made me feel and that I wanted to share it with others, but the training really helped me understand why and prepared me to explain this to others. I really do see the world differently after going through the training. Anna and the other teachers were wonderful, patient, caring and very knowledgeable. Their passion for the yogic lifestyle really shone through in their teaching. I am very grateful to have taken my 200-hour training with the teachers and students at this studio.” –Tammy Owens

“The teacher training truly changed the way I live my life. I began to bring ahimsa, non-violence to be the focus of my daily life, thinking and reflecting before every thought, word and action. Throughout the training the teachers were very encouraging. I felt completely comfortable to simply dive deep into my body, mind, and spirit, allowing for a lot of emotions and “old stuff” to come to surface, leaving my body detoxified and at balance. I feel as though I will forever walk a different path activating the spirit within me.” –Lauren Barlag

“The teacher training course was an amazing experience for me. I was impressed and surprised at the depth of the mental and physical requirements it presented.  I learned much more than I ever imagined and it came at such a time in my life that I was able to experience what a wonderful tool yoga can be in handling life’s everyday challenges.  It has provided me with confidence in my own ability to teach others and I am grateful for the skill and insight of my instructors.  It was much more than just a training course; it was the door to a whole series of new friends and opportunities!” –Linda Richardson

“It is never too late to treat yourself to yoga teacher training!  I spent the first 40 years of my working life teaching math and hope to spend the next 40 years teaching yoga!  It is a gift to yourself and others.” –Joan Jackson

“The teacher training helped me to grow as a person, and find out a lot of things about myself. It helped me figure out what direction I want my life to go in, and realize how yoga assisted in the renewal of my body and soul. I was able through this training to create a healthy, lively and balanced approach to my life and others.” –Lainie Ipsa

“Joining the yoga teacher training was one of the best experiences I’ve had. It was an intensive program, but the time and energy spent was well worth it. Since the program was spread out over the course of several months, I felt that I had time to process, apply, and practice what I learned – something that may be missing in a shorter training program. We not only learned the physical aspects of yoga, but we also discussed philosophy, nutrition, the environment, social justice, etc. The program was very holistic, and what I learned continues to be a great influence on my choices and decisions.
Anna fosters a nurturing, accepting, and collaborative environment for learning. I really felt a sense of community within my group of fellow TT students. We all learned from, supported, and encouraged each other not only as we practiced dozens of sun salutations, completed posture worksheets, and reviewed for the exams….but also as we shared more personal aspects of our lives beyond yoga. Since the training has ended, we all make an effort to get together periodically. I highly recommend this program.” –Mia Gatmaitan

“The teacher training was a great gift to me.  This training allowed me to go deeper into my personal practice and enhanced my understanding of yoga.  I had no idea the profound effect that the training and the people I met would make in my life.  It was truly a remarkable experience.” –Sharon Tessandori

“The yoga teacher training program was an enriching and rewarding experience.  Anna is very knowledgeable and experienced and shares her expertise in a supportive and encouraging way.  The interaction with other teachers-in-training was fun and energizing and created a great working network for the future.  I completed the training feeling confident and well-prepared to lead my own yoga classes.  I would recommend Anna to anyone interested in furthering their teaching skills and personal practice.” –Kris Bischoff

“I remember the first time Anna taught me Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Posture) in a class. We used the wall to support our backs and she mentioned – with a smile, that someday we’d attempt the posture on our own. At the time I couldn’t imagine ever having enough strength and balance to pull it off. I give her thanks for teaching me to believe in myself and let go of fear. The world looks and feels different since I’ve been practicing yoga. My perspective has changed forever and for the better. In this teacher training I learned how to share the beauty and power of yoga with others.” –Jen Lile

Interested in deepening your spiritual practice? In learning more techniques of meditation, pranayama (breath-work), and asana (postures)? In cooking delicious healthy plant-based meals? In bringing yoga into your daily life? In finding your voice? In becoming a teacher? In deepening your understanding of yoga philosophy and practices as a teacher? If you’ve answered yes to any one of these questions, what are you waiting for?