World Changing Blogs

World Changing Blogs

While there is much turmoil, sadness, and violence in the world today, there are simultaneously amazing, uplifting, and inspiring things happening to assist with a shift toward a more sustainable, peaceful, loving, kind, and gentle world. This post is about those that are making a difference in the world today through the information and writing they share on their blogs.  And keep in mind, this is a short list of what we feel are world changing blogs…there are many others.

Why are these blogs world changing?  They are run by people with strong values and morals that are dedicated to bringing ahimsa, nonviolence into not only their own life, but the lives of all beings.  It’s this kind of dedication living with the understanding that we all are connected that will create a more positive shift on this planet.

To make a systemic, long-lasting difference in the world today it is essential we acknowledge our interconnectedness, and work together and support each other’s world-changing vegan blogs, projects, events, businesses, organizations, and so on.  Showing up and being present for each other virtually as well as in physical form as part of the movement of positive transformation within and without.

These blogs are listed in alphabetical order.

100% Vegan Happy Healthy
Abolitionist Approach
Alien’s Day Out
Bitter Sweet
By Any Greens Necessary
Cake Maker to the Stars
C’est la Vegan
City Life Eats
Dishes From My Kitchen
Fat Free Vegan Kitchen
Fork and Beans
From A to Vegan
Get Sconed
Get Skinny, Go Vegan
Girlie Girl Army
In Defenese of Animals
Jennifer’s Kitchen
Joyful Vegan
Keepin’ It Kind
The Kind Life
The Little Foxes
Main Street Vegan
Manifest Vegan
Maple Spice
My Kind of Life
Oh Lady Cakes
Oh She Glows
Olives for Dinner
One Arab Vegan
Plant Powered Kitchen
Post Punk Kitchen
Red Hot Vegans
Seitan Is My Motor
An Unrefined Vegan
Veg News
The Vegan Asana
The Vegan Chickpea
Vegan Consultant
Vegan Cuts
Vegan Eats and Treats
Vegan Housewives
Vegan Miam
Vegan Shoe Addict
Vegan Soul Power
Vegan Street
The Vegan Woman
The Vegan Yogi
Vegan Yack Attack
Vegie Head
Viva la Vegan
We Don’t Eat Animals
The Yogi Vegans
Yojo Culture
Your Daily Vegan