Ali Voellmecke

Ali Voellmecke first became interested in yoga as a way to relieve anxiety and stress. The benefits of yoga quickly became apparent and attending yoga classes became part of her weekly routine. Practicing yoga makes Ali feel like her best self and has taught her to let go of outside tension/stress. Ali is inspired by the vinyasa practice and the connection between the breath and each movement. She loves that yoga teaches us to be mindful, compassionate, and peaceful (our most authentic self). Her desire to assist others tune into their truest state of happiness and let go of any anxiety inspired Ali to complete the 300-hour World Peace Yoga Foundational Training. And, she is in the process of completing her Advanced Training at World Peace Yoga. Ali has a BFA degree in Graphic Design from Mount Saint Joseph University. She collaborated with Anna Ferguson and Mark Stroud on the Heärt logo to design a cohesive identity that emphasizes compassion, empathy, and love. Ali is a firm believer that if everyone were to practice yoga, the world would be a much happier place. She is so grateful for the World Peace Yoga community and the opportunity to teach others to find their natural state through practicing yoga.