Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an ancient technique used for reducing stress and anxiety, lessening pain and swelling, increasing relaxation and encouraging the body into a balanced and healed state of well-being. It is a gentle, subtle, yet powerful energy healing art. From two Japanese words, Rei – meaning higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness (energy); Ki meaning life force or energy, Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. In a typical Reiki session the receiver lies down fully clothed on a massage table while the Reiki practitioner gently lays their hands on different areas of the body and allowing Reiki energy to flow from the hands to the client. The receiver may experience waves of peace and calm, sensations of hot or cold coming from the practitioners’ hands, colorful visions, memories resurfacing, emotional release or nothing at all. Many times the client will become so relaxed that they simply fall asleep. Each client will have the perfect experience for them at that moment.

Reiki (30-minute) Session: $45
Reiki (60-minute) Session: $72
Reiki (90-minute) Session: $99
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Acupuncture is a Chinese Medicine method of encouraging the body toward natural healing and high functioning. In an acupuncture session, the practitioner inserts needles and applies heat or electrical stimulation at very precise acupuncture points to the receiver.  Acupuncture has many benefits in both treatment and prevention of ailments such as the common cold, body aches and pains, stroke rehabilitation and so much more.  It may also assist with lowering stress, increasing immunity, and positive lifestyle change and support.  Acupuncture is a subtle energetic form of healing and everyone’s body responds uniquely to treatments.

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