Christy Read

Christy began a regular meditation practice in college and shortly after took her first yoga asana class. She was surprised to experience how similar and complementary asana was to meditation. She took yoga classes at work, the gym and in college and noticed differences in the amount of meditation and spirituality in the class depending on the location. Christy felt more connected, grounded and closer to the rest of the class when there was an emphasis on breathing in community and intention. Christy is grateful for finding World Peace Yoga where she completed the 300-hour teacher-training program as a way to share yoga more deeply with others.
She is now in the process of completing the 500-hour WPY training program. She is very dedicated to her continuing education, especially in Prenatal and Family Yoga. Christy is raising her daughter according to yogic values. Her family is vegan and meditates together however her daughter is not interested in asana (yoga postures) but there is still time! Christy is enthusiastic about two new projects, writing a book with her daughter and learning to make kombucha.