Prenatal, Kids, and Family

Prenatal Yoga (low-medium intensity/all levels):  Pregnancy is one of the most extraordinary times in a woman’s life. It is a time for nurturing mom and dad as well as the unborn child.  It’s also time for learning to meditate and find focus in breath.  Prenatal Yoga classes provide safe exercises designed to strengthen and relax the rapidly changing pregnant body, preparing one for a conscious childbirth and the opportunity for mother, father and child to bond prior to birth.  Join the community of other parents on a similar journey.  All stages of pregnancy and yoga experience are welcome.  Birthing partners are welcome to attend.  Partner can be a spouse, relative or friend.

Baby and Me (beginner, low intensity/all levels; ages: 6 Weeks – 11 months or not yet walking):  This class focuses on nurturing mom and dad or caregiver(s) while deepening the bond with their baby.  While some of the postures are playful, others are practiced to rehabilitate and restore post-birth, offering caregivers the energy to nurture baby, while finding balance, strength and peace of mind. Sure to be an enriching experience for everyone. Feel free to bring a blanket and toy.

Yoga for Toddlers (all levels; ages 2–4):  An active and lively class where children learn to “play” yoga through movement, breathing games, and animal imitation. Whether it’s roaring in lion’s pose, hissing like a snake in cobra pose or balancing on one foot standing tall in tree pose, it is sure to be a great time. Parents are also encouraged to participate in the class.

Young Yogis (all levels; ages: 5–10):  This is an imaginative kids class with yoga postures that encourage balance, coordination, concentration and building self-esteem. Each class supports the development potential in each child through the practice and wisdom of yoga. Bring smiles and get ready to meow, purr, howl and stretch like cats and dogs.

Yoga for Tweens (all levels; ages: 11–14), Yoga for Teens (all levels; ages 15 +):  The practice of energetic and creative postures to strengthen the body, focus the mind and increase energy. This class is a time to have fun, listen to music and learn new ways to improve your skills in all activities. Come ready to have fun and explore where yoga can take you.

Family Yoga (all levels):  Everybody practices yoga; a joyful class combining kids, teens and adults. All are welcome to join in the fun of stretching, partner yoga and relaxation.