Private Sessions


In-Class Private-Assist: The in-class private offers one-on-one assists with a Certified World Peace Yoga Teacher through the asanas (postures) in a class setting. The experience is very therapeutic. It assists in enhancing one’s natural alignment and releasing both physical and energetic blockages. There is also an option to receive Reiki with hands-on assists for the in-class private.

Private: Enjoy the practice of yoga-asana or meditation in a more intimate atmosphere. Private classes provide a setting in which your individuality is able be completely addressed. Practicing the poses at your own pace and within your own range is an effective way to learn about your body and how it benefits from different movements, breathing exercises, relaxation and/or meditation techniques. Through this approach, you will understand how the subtle power of yoga works with aspects of your body, mind, and spirit. Some teachers also provide Reiki as part of a private session experience.

In-Class Private

Sessions Price
1 $63
5 $270
10 $495

Onsite Private Sessions at Studio (per hour)

Offsite Private Sessions: Add an additional $27 per session.