Where Am I On My Yoga Journey

Beginner, Low Intensity: These classes are designed for those new to practicing asanas, postures. They are slower paced so students have time to become familiar with the poses, unwind, and relax.

**The Yoga Basics and Yin-Restorative Yoga classes are suggested to those new to yoga asana that are learning how to adapt the practice to their own unique shape and form. The Yoga Basics class in particular is taught with a greater level of detail in regard to cues and modifications.

Low-Medium Intensity: For the experienced beginner, these classes are designed for those that have had some exposure to asana, including an introduction to alignment. In these classes students become more familiar with connecting breath and movement.

Medium Intensity to Medium-High Intensity: These classes are designed for those who have an understanding and practice of basic yoga postures, and have begun to explore a wider variety of poses while connecting breath with movement.

High Intensity: These classes are designed for those with a solid understanding of basic yoga postures who are comfortable exploring more challenging poses. Recommended for those that have a regular asana practice and are established in the practice of connecting breath with movement.

All levels: These classes are for everyone, including beginners. They offer modifications so that you are able to customize your practice to fit your specific needs, including level of intensity. Note: some classes list “all levels” with the general intensity to expect and may be adapted.

We believe yoga asana practice is form of self-love.  In all classes the practice of unconditional love and acceptance of one’s self is encouraged. A steady yoga practice assists with letting go of depression, anxiety, stress, and a host of other things that do not serve the body-mind-spirit. This studio creates a safe, honest space for all body types to come and explore their relationship with the physical and emotional body and how these bodies are nourished. Any class may be taken at your own pace.

Seven Aspects of a World Peace Yoga Class Experience

  1. Intention: having sincere intention to connect with your authentic self
  2. Connect to Earth: asana is a pose, seat, or connection to the earth
  3. Conscious Breathing: the regulation of life force energy through pranayama
  4. Intuition: connecting with one’s innate intelligence or sixth sense
  5. Compassion: cultivate love for one’s self and all beings
  6. Service: being of service to one’s self so one may be of better service to the world
  7. Meditation: peace of mind