Dominique Matthew

Dominique Matthew is the mother to three beautiful children who vary from the ages of 14 to 5 and is expecting her fourth child very soon! Dominique began practicing prenatal yoga during her third pregnancy in 2010 and is currently practicing yoga during her fourth pregnancy as well. She has completed the 300-hour Foundational World Peace Yoga certification and is currently in the process of completing the advanced program. She was drawn to World Peace Yoga because of the strong sense of community and loving acceptance. Dominique is an advocate of natural birth and home birth. She encourages breastfeeding and has practiced extended nursing and tandem nursing as well. In her free time, Dominique enjoys spending time with her three children and partner. She also enjoys cooking delicious veggie meals, hiking, camping, making art and cleaning. Dominique is currently employed full-time in the realm of Children’s Services. She has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Criminology and a Masters in Conflict Analysis and Engagement with a concentration in female adolescent deviance and crime. Dominique also has experience working with individuals who have a mental health diagnosis and a history of substance abuse.