Mindy Schlechter


Mindy began practicing yoga in 2008 during her quest for balance as she explored non-traditional treatment options for infertility. Yoga offered Mindy the ability to connect and listen to her “inner voice”, despite a world of constraints. Mindy was also introduced to naturopathic medicine, the all encompassing importance of a healthy non-inflammatory diet and the power of energy work. Mindy and her husband, Gerald, were able to naturally conceive their daughter, Avila in 2012. Through her own experience of pregnancy, Mindy came to realize the importance of prenatal yoga and its breadth of benefits; as well as became a passionate advocate for natural birthing and home birthing. She is now an active member in Cincinnati’s homebirth community and her son was born peacefully at home in 2014. She thoroughly enjoys introducing other women and their partners to the powerful effects of prenatal yoga during pregnancy, as well as the benefits of planning for natural birth whenever possible.