Advanced Program

About the Program

Are you ready to make a quantum leap in your life? Interested in a spiritual reboot? Are you looking for inspiration, growth, and bringing a deeper level of awareness to your choices? Ready to step out of your comfort zone, embrace change, discover something new about yourself, and let go of fear and doubt? This program provides a structure for exploring diverse spiritual practices and deepening the ones that you currently practice, improving the quality of your life. In this program there is a powerful group dynamic as we practice, as a collective to raise consciousness in one’s self and others. While one’s spirituality develops over a lifetime, for those who bring sincerity and dedication, transformation and deepening levels of one’s authenticity is experienced.

This program accelerates that assimilation in width, breadth and depth, enhancing one’s yoga knowledge and personal spiritual practice. This program is structured in a way that one’s practice continues to spiritualize every aspect of their life leading to the realization of the goals of yoga: such as more compassion, deeper intuition, and profound bliss. The program assists with more wholly integrating the full spectrum of yoga into the students’ daily life in a more natural, organic way.  The fabulous nationally and internationally respected guest presenters, self-directed assignments, and satsang are highly instrumental in the learning process.

Unite and deepen in spiritual community, satsang amongst great yogis with the courage to take the practices of yoga to another level. This is a very special opportunity to connect more deeply with our intuition, deepen the multi-faceted aspects of our spiritual lifestyle, and refine our abilities to listen, communicate, share, envision and more deeply experience touch, taste, and smell. Embark on this conscious spiritual evolution on a journey to deep ahimsa and peace.

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This program includes

  • Self-discovery and self-love through asana, pranayama, meditation, and creative art
    • Includes reflection upon one’s individual self and deeper cosmic self, consistently being aware of how your behavior and choices impact yourself and the whole or deeper cosmic self
    • Personal therapy and practice to resolve the past, live in the present moment, and become empowered to make choices aligned with one’s authentic or true self
  • The opportunity for transformation through sincerity by being real and genuine in one’s relationship with all of life, and taking responsibility for one’s choices to live a truly authentic life
  • Open your internal communication center of inner seeing, feeling, knowing, and hearing staying tuned into your true nature
  • Open to deep change in your life deepening the practice of mindfulness in order to live residing in one’s true or authentic self
  • Connecting in satsang, group sharing, discussion, dialogue, and support to more fully integrate spirituality into every aspect of your life
  • Individual exercises, journaling, and other spiritual practices that assist with you staying focused on realizing your authentic self
  • Values, qualities, and virtues; getting clear about what you stand for and where your dedication sits
  • Realizing your dreams and taking steps to bring them into reality, creating greater abundance and prosperity in all aspects of your life
  • Meditation, finding stillness in the busyness and developing a daily meditation practice
  • Deepen your service to others through the practice of Karma Yoga, sharing your unique gifts and talents with the world
  • Advanced Yoga Basics, Vinyasa Yoga, and Yin-Restorative Yoga
  • Practice of Intermediate and Advanced Asanas
  • Posture Succession Sequencing based on the Chakras
  • The balancing act of life and personal practice, avoiding “burnout”
  • Advanced Meditation and Pranayama, including Yoga Nidra
  • Anatomy and Physiology, addresses injuries as related to asana
  • Subtle Body, Yoga as an Energetic Practice
  • Healing Modalities and Yoga as Therapy
  • Yoga Philosophy, including Yoga Sutras, Ascended Masters, and more
  • Stories and myths that assist with understanding the practices and experience of yoga
  • Spiritual Education and Karma Yoga
  • Music, Quotes, Readings, Chants, and Mantras for enhancing a state of peace
  • Ahimsic, All Loving Food Preparation with an emphasis on Live Cuisine
  • Fabulous Guest Teachers
  • And more…

What is World Peace Yoga?

World Peace Yoga is a holistic, courageous and practical approach to yoga that incorporates practices both on and off the mat, from philosophy and ethics, to physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation, to kitchenasana.  World Peace Yoga as a Hatha Yoga style is a practice where we focus on the ancient yogic tradition of ahimsa. Ahimsa is Sanskrit for “non harming” and implies practicing kindness to one’s self, to others, to all living beings, and to the earth. From practicing yoga asana (the postures, which is what many people see as “yoga”), meditation, satsang (gathering in spiritual community) and pranayama (breathing exercises), we have a healthier life with less stress, anxiety, and tension. We encourage the greater development of intuition to make healthier and wiser choices in life.  World Peace Yoga is a practice that incorporates physical wellness with spiritual living. It is a style of yoga that touches more than just one aspect of life and motivates a positive transformation in individual and collective lives.

Seven Aspects of a World Peace Spiritual Practice:

  1. Ahimsa: nonharming, cultivate love for one’s self and all beings
  2. Asana: pose, seat, or connection to the earth
  3. Pranayama:  regulating our vital life force energy using breathing techniques
  4. Meditation: peace of mind
  5. Karma Yoga: service to one’s self, the earth, and all beings
  6. Bhakti: devotion, sincere intention to connect with your authentic self
  7. Intuition: connecting with one’s innate intelligence or sixth sense

World Peace Yoga asana classes are taught in three main formats, Yoga Basics, Vinyasa Yoga, and Yin-Restorative Yoga.  Sequencing is designed to harmonize the chakras, while incorporating the six other aspects in some way, shape, or form.

The three main World Peace Yoga asana formats defined:

Yoga Basics for Life
Learn the foundational yoga postures typically practiced in a yoga-asana sequence learning precise alignment.  There are 5 different class structures you will learn for building a personal spiritual practice.  This is a wonderful practice for those new to yoga or for those that are established in their practice and want to refine their alignment. Learn the basics of asana (posture) alignment, breath, intention, and relaxation as part of a daily spiritual practice.

Vinyasa Yoga for Life Flow
A vinyasa practice links breath with every day life, movement, and intention.  In this training, you will learn the class structures you will learn for a Beginner Vinyasa sequence.  In this practice you will flow through a balanced stream of postures including sun salutations, standing postures, backbends, forward bends, twists, inversions, relaxation and more.  These are active practices that encourage focused life intention, meditation, relaxation, and spiritual growth through asana.

Yin Yoga for Life Restoration and Balance
Based on the Chinese system of yoga, this style is used to enhance the flow of energy or chi through the body combining two approaches of teaching into one practice: one approach is yin – passive and restorative holds and the other approach is yang – active stretching and strengthening using fluid circular movements (as in a Vinyasa practice). Yin Yoga works to increase greater range of motion in the joints and stretches the connective tissue. These practices are able to create more relaxation, restoration, and balance in one’s everyday life.

Course Prerequisites

Completion of our Foundation Personal Spiritual Growth program, a Yoga Teacher Training program, or an equivalent program.

Program Tuition

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The program tuition is $3900. An $800 deposit must be paid to reserve your spot in the training two weeks prior to the first scheduled date. There are no refunds issued for this program. All tuition payments are non-refundable. If you decide to discontinue the training at any time, the course fees will not be refunded and, if on a payment plan, you will be billed for the remaining course fees and expected to pay the balance in full. This training begins when you sign up. You receive unlimited classes and are invited to join special events from the time you sign up through the end of the course.

Tuition includes, and is not limited to; all hours associated with the training, unlimited classes on our weekly class schedule, a manual and binder used for journaling and coursework, food preparation and cooking classes, and an Advanced World Peace Yoga Certificate.

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Our next Advanced Personal Spiritual Growth monthly-weekend program begins May 2018.

Monthly-Weekend Program: Meets approximately one weekend each month for 13 months.

Saturdays, 9:00 am-6:00 pm
Sundays, 9:00 am-6:00 pm
Note:  There may also be meeting dates on the Fridays of some of these weekends that are TBA.

May 19-20, 2018
June 23-24, 2018
July 21-22, 2018
August 18-19, 2018
September 22-23, 2018
October 20-21, 2018
November 17-18, 2018
December 15-16, 2018
January 19-20, 2019
February 16-17, 2019
March 23-24, 2019
April 13-14, 2019
May 18-19, 2019
June 22-23, 2019

Required Materials

There are approximately 11 books required for this course on a variety of subjects.  A World Peace Yoga Book and Binder will be provided on the first day of class, along with a list of the required materials. Some materials may be available at the studio at a discounted price.

Course Intentions

  1. To provide each student with an in-depth experience of World Peace Yoga, deepening the personal consciousness and inner self-awareness the yoga practice fosters.
  2. To give instruction on the practice of intermediate and advanced asanas.
  3. To offer instruction and knowledge in how to live the yogic lifestyle, enhancing spiritual health and centeredness through yoga.
  4. To show how our lifestyle affects the planet and how we are able preserve the environment and nature for future generations through the ancient wisdom of yoga.
  5. To give a solid foundation in the philosophies of World Peace Yoga and their application to daily life.
  6. To motivate and encourage students to undergo a transformation in their appreciation and perception of themselves, others, and life.
  7. To provide a non-competitive environment to practice and learn from each other.
  8. To provide the skills to prepare healthy and nourishing meals.
  9. To embrace spiritual education and peace in action.
  10. To embrace the ahimsic lifestyle and share the message of peace with others.
  1. To step out of your comfort zone, open to new experiences and into a deeper place of union.


To benefit and enhance your journey we offer a series of assignments. These assignments include, yet are not limited to; reading books, writing out essays, journaling, spiritual growth exercises, and so on. All coursework must be submitted for review if you are interested in receiving a certificate of completion.

Makeup Hours

This training requires attendance for all scheduled hours. Two days may be made up by attending another Personal Spiritual Growth class at World Peach Yoga.  Anything beyond two days, there is a charge of $135 per day for makeup.  In the event there is not an available Personal Spiritual Growth day for make up, you may arrange a private lesson at a price of $75 per hour missed. It is your responsibility to keep track of makeup hours by documenting the date, length of time, and teacher with whom you worked with.

Time Limit

You have 18 months from the start date of the program to complete these requirements. Extensions will be given at an additional charge of $20 per month.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q:  Are there any requirements for participating in this program?
A:  Yes, completion of our Foundational Personal Spiritual Growth program, as well as a sincere interest to be present and show up.

Q:  How is the World Peace Yoga Advanced program different from the Foundational program?
A:  The foundational program you might say is dipping your big toe in the water and the advanced program is a full on plunge.  In the foundational program there is only so much time to introduce topics, techniques, philosophy, and so on.  The advanced program takes one’s spiritual practice to a deeper level with more variety of techniques in asana, meditation, pranayama, cooking, and more.  We also explore more profoundly the philosophy of yoga and other spiritual teachings, as well as taking on a greater leadership role in whatever one may choose to do in life.

Q:  Am I too young?  Am I too old?
A:  No, we’ve had people ranging from the ages of 13-70 take the program.  It is diverse and a great experience for all.

Q:  Do I have to be vegetarian/vegan to participate in this program?
A:  No, while the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle are discussed in the course of the program, it is not required to be vegetarian/vegan to participate in or graduate from this program.

Q:  Are classes at the studio included in addition to participating in the program?
A:  Yes, from the time you sign up with your deposit through the length of time you are in the program, you receive unlimited classes on our regular weekly schedule.

Q:  Do you have payment plan options/work with those on limited budgets?
A:  Yes, please email for more information or come to the studio and talk with us personally.

Q:  How many students are typically in each group?
A:  The size of the group enrolled in the program generally ranges from 12-22 students.

Q:  Where do I purchase the books required for the course?
A:  Some books are available for purchase at the studio, others may be purchased online or even at discount book stores.