Yoga is…

Yoga is…

Yoga is…
A gift from my ancestors
Being rediscovered
At home, on my mat
As I move thru my life

Yoga is…
Internal exercise
For my lungs
When I can’t breathe
Thru pain
Thru fear
Thru anxiety
I find my breath

Yoga is…
The strength
To repair damage done
By the world
By those that should love and protect
By generational pain and suffering
By the erasure of
People who look like me

Yoga is…
Self-love in action
Self-care as tangible
Self-preservation with practice
Self-actualization with patience

Yoga is…
A reminder that
I am all I need
I am at peace
I am able
I am stable
I am resilient
I am strong
I am flexible
I am truth
I am in harmony
I am lit from within
I am that which I seek
I am light

Simply put: Yoga is… because I AM. Ase.

Dameta L. Wright believes that yoga is nourishing to the spirit, mind, and body for anyone who chooses to practice. She believes yoga begins with the breath. She has seen her own well being improve through the power of the breath. She invites all students to breathe, move, and flow in their own unique way. Dameta wrote this piece as part of an exercise called “Express Your Yoga” in Foundational Teacher Training at World Peace Yoga.